16th World Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry
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Accepted Abstracts

Oral Manifestations in COVID 19

Stefania M*
University of Palermo, Italy

Citation: Stefania M (2021) Oral Manifestations in COVID 19. SciTech Central Dentistry 2021. 

Received: November 17, 2020         Accepted: November 23, 2020         Published: November 24, 2020


Viruses are special biological entities capable of invading an organism, proliferate and self-adjust with cell- binding by eluding the defenses of membranes and modifying the cells’ genetic features. On January 30th WHO declared the state of pandemic from Covid-19 new Coronavirus.
Common clinical manifestations include fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, with a tendency of the disease to develop into pneumonia. Its radiological picture is similar to other viral types of pneumonia, with the most characteristic symptom being respiratory distress.
Clinical evidence has shown Covid-19 is not tipically confined to the respiratory tract but can be a multi-organ virus and affect the CNS (Central Nervous System) with specific symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, headache as well as the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) with neuralgia, hypogeusia, systemic dermal vasculitis especially in the lower limbs, gluteal muscles and MOUTH.