World Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry Part II
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Accepted Abstracts

Evaluation Esthetics Smile for Male and Female who attend to Outpatient clinic in Babylon Dental College

Ameer AL-Ameedee*
Dental Department, University of Babylon, Iraq

 AL-Ameedee A (2021) Evaluation Esthetics Smile for Male and Female who attend to Outpatient clinic in Babylon Dental College. SciTech Central Dentistry 2021.

Received: August 30, 2021         Accepted: September 01, 2021         Published: September 01, 2021


Objective: The current investigation was proposed to determine the impression of trained dental students towards the analysis smile esthetics for male and female who attend to outpatient clinic in Babylon Dental College.
Materials and Methods: Twenty-six samples ideal images were used in a survey and graded according to smile attractiveness by the male (𝑛 = 35) and female (𝑛 = 47) all groups with age (30-35). Ideal photographs of gingival display, midline diastema, central incisor crown length, and lateral incisor crown width were manipulated with five minor changes in each. For smile arc and buccal corridor, two major changes were incorporated besides the ideal photograph. One-way ANOVA and Post Hoc analysis (Bonferroni method) of the responses were measured for each group.
Results: Most evaluators opined that the ideal smile in each category was the most found, male were more variations in the smile arc and buccal corridors. Dental studies found that either completes absence or a 0.5 mm of alterations in a gingival display. Midline diastema, and central incisor crown length with effected on smile beautiful. Changes in lateral incisor crown width were not perceivable by the two groups.
Conclusion: The degree of perception of smile esthetics to be attractive varies between male and female. The female were more in variables like buccal corridor, Gummy smile and Lateral incisor crown width. However, some of other variables did not affect the male and female much.
The result showed, the esthetic dentists are more conscious about alterations in elements which used in this study, each representing an altered smile feature in their smile. Hence, should pay attention to these factors during any Esthetic treatment.
Keywords: Smile esthetics, Analysis, Buccal corridors, Smile arc, Buccal corridor