33rd Global Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry
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Accepted Abstracts

Stent as an Accessory Tool in Periodontal Measurements: An Insight

Vineeta Gupta*, Kharidi Laxman Vandana and Shivani Singh
Government Dental College, Raipur, Chattisgarh, India.

Citation: Gupta V, Vandana KL, Singh S (2022) Stent as an Accessory Tool in Periodontal Measurements: An Insight. SciTech Central Dentistry 2022.

Received: July 15, 2022         Accepted: July 19, 2022         Published: July 19, 2022


A better reflection of periodontal destruction can be obtained by the measurement of the clinical attachment level (CAL), i.e., the distance from the probe tip to the level of the cementoenamel junction (CEJ). However, there were several problems in CEJ identification. Due to the time consumption and inherent problems in CEJ identification, CAL measurements without using a stent in surveys or other clinical trials are highly questionable. The use of stent is recommended during clinical trials which will minimize the errors in terms of over and underestimation of CALs. Hence, the stent used for vertical probing (vertical/occlusal stent), horizontal probing (furcation stent), and interdental papilla (IDP) stent for IDP-deficiency measurement is discussed to comprehend its clinical applications.
Keywords: Cementoenamel junction, Horizontal probing, Interdental papilla measurement, Stent, Vertical probing