1st International Conference on Oncology & Hematology
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Accepted Abstracts

Epigenetics and Cancer

Maryam Matar*
UAE Genetic Diseases Association, UAE

Citation: Matar M (2019) Epigenetics and Cancer. SciTech Oncology 2019. Dubai: UAE

Received: May 30, 2019         Accepted: May 30, 2019         Published: May 30, 2019



 To give an overview of the role of genetics and epigenetics in cancer
 The Future – Gene Therapy - Stem Cell – Regenerative Medicines
 Scientific evidence of use of gene therapy and epigenetics in cancer
 The emerging sciences of regenerative medicine and stem cells , clinical trials and the potentialapplications in treating genetic disorders such as cancers
 A case study of premarital screening and neonatal screening program by UAE Genetic DiseasesAssociation and the subsequent mandatory genetic screening legislations in UAE


 Epigenetics and Genetics Are Accomplices in Cancer Development
 Cancer is caused by failure of checks and balances that control cell numbers in response to the needs of the whole organism.
 Inappropriate function of genes that promote or inhibit cell growth or survival can be caused by errors introduced into the genetic code itself or by faulty epigenetic mechanisms deciding which genes can and cannot be expressed.
 RNA-Sequencing Data Analysis - a software program that provides multifaceted analysis of genetic information from gene expression levels to detect items only a scientist could identify
  Scientific “treasure hunters” are using big data to reach  “molecular profiling” and are confident that future of cancer medicine rests largely in molecular profiling.
 Gene silencing
 Gene therapy is defined as a set of strategies that modify the expression of an individuals genes or repair abnormal genes. Each strategy involves the administration of a specific nucleic acid such as DNA or RNA.