9th International Congress on Biotechnology and Food Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

Nutritional Composition of Raw Cashew (Anarcardium occidantale) Nuts Sourced from Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria

Nkwocha Chinelo C*1, Nworah Florence N1, Uchendu Nene O1 and Ekeanyanwu Raphael C2
1 University of Nigeria, Nigeria 
2 Imo State University, Nigeria 

Chinelo CN, Florence NN, Nene OU, Raphael CE (2020) Nutritional Composition of Raw Cashew (Anarcardium occidantale) Nuts Sourced from Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria. SciTech BioTech-Food Sciences 2020. Thailand 

Received: January 16, 2020         Accepted: January 20, 2020         Published: January 20, 2020


This study evaluated the nutritional and phytochemical properties of fresh cashew nut. The determination of proximate, fatty acid, free fatty acid, trans fat, total sugar, amino acid composition, phytochemical analysis, minerals and vitamin composition of cashew nut was done using GCMS, HPLC and other standard analytical methods. Samples of fresh cashew nuts were obtained from Obukpa-Lejja in Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria. The result showed carbohydrate (52.30±0.89%), protein(12.60±1.75%) crude fat (7.14±0.35%), moisture (22.49±0.35%), ash (3.53±0.49%), fibre (1.94±0.29%), free fatty acid (1.67±0.08%), total sugar (1.67±0.03%) .Oleic acid (31.36±0.00%), alpha linoleic acid (12.43± 0.00%), linoleic acid (16.80±0.00), eicosapentanoic acid (1.96 ±0.00%), docosatetraenoic (4.89±0.00), docohexanoic acid(1.73±0.00). Saturated fatty acid includes palmitic acid (16.08±0.00%), Myristic (11.09±0.00) lauric acid (3.63±0.00%) and an insignificant amount of trans fat. Phytochemical in highest amount was cardiac glycosides (33.840 ± 0.020%). Essential amino acid, leucine (7.079 ± 0.095 µg/100g) was the highest while methionine (1.298 ± 0.051 µg/100g) was the least. Non essential amino acid, glutamate (7.568 ± 0.213 µg/100g) was the highest,while cysteine (1.079 ± 0.043 µg/100g)was the least. Vitamin D (128.160 ± 11.040 mg/kg) was relatively high, Vitamin B3 (0.561 ± 0.037 mg/kg) was relatively low. Sodium (117.922 ± 7.233 ppm) and phosphorus (90.696 ± 0.380 mg/kg) were relatively high. Most of these nutritional qualities are in line with the RDA intended to be used as a goal for daily intake by individuals, therefore, consumption of cashew nuts may serve as a dietary source of essential elements and should be encouraged.