9th International Congress on Biotechnology and Food Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

Modulator Complex Nutraceuticals

John Osuku Opio*
Integrated Therapy (UK) Ltd., UK

Citation: Opio JO (2020) Modulator Complex Nutraceuticals. SciTech BioTech-Food Sciences 2020. Thailand

Received: January 19, 2020         Accepted: January 22, 2020         Published: January 22, 2020


Modulator Complex Nutraceutical is a term first coined by Dr. John Osuku Opio since 2017 in exploring the impact of dietary supplements, functional food, super foods, nutrients, phytochemicals, herbs, minerals and trace elements and spices. The purpose was to identify the role(s) of blended combinations towards health and wellness benefits to human body and at the same time silencing the onset of diseases in human population and other living species.
At the dawn of the 21st century, research shows that there are overwhelming deficiencies of vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, vitamins. They are linked to the dysfunction of several organs and body functions and have led to the outbreak of certain diseases threatening mankind and above all compromising the functionality and integrity of cell biochemistry within the living organism. Among the well documented deficiencies of the dietary components at global arena are vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, vitamin B12, vitamin K, certain enzymes, etc.
Nature in its own right has provided organic sources of all these essentials which can be easily resourced and compounded in one complex substance with in-depth consideration of composing specific specification with rational thinking and critical analysis of how the end product can reach the target cellular site.
The science of formulation has advanced, the cellular infrastructure has been fully studied and transporter molecules are clearly known. It is now up to the experts to be rational in lateral thinking so as to constitute a blend of nutrient complexes which will meet the criteria of exhibiting therapeutic impact, based on the concept of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the blended products. The modulator complex nutraceutical would hence be a role model of such a concept.
Based on my expertise to formulate the dream complex molecules, I have so far developed specifications of two modulator complexes called Turmeric and Magnesium modulator complex nutraceuticals and herbal prescribing lines of blended standardised extracts of two products named Detox Modulator and Adaptogen Modulator Complexes.
Keywords: Modulator complex nutraceuticals, Deficiency, Dietary supplements, Functional/Super foods, Nutrients, Phytochemicals, Herbs, Mineral, Trace elements and spices.