9th International Congress on Biotechnology and Food Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

Food Science and Technology: Composite Structure and Complexity of Food

University of Maroua, Cameroon

Citation: Djomdi (2020) Food Science and Technology: Composite Structure and Complexity of Food. SciTech BioTech-Food Sciences 2020. Thailand

Received: January 24, 2020         Accepted: January 28, 2020         Published: January 28, 2020


The goal of food science and technology is to produce food that is tasty, healthy, safe and of high quality, using natural and sustainable resources. This science is concerned with the composition of food and its changes during production, storage, preparation and digestion. It also studies in one hand the interactions between microorganisms and food that occur during production; and in other hand the spoilage of food and the transmission of disease due to microorganism. All this knowledge is used to produce foodstuffs, ensure their quality, improve their nutritional and organoleptic properties, and optimize their conservation, storage and packaging. From the raw material to the final product, the processes must ensure product hygiene and quality by guaranteeing the sustainable use of natural resources. Human nutrition issues and the links with health are also among the priorities in the field. In first part of the talk, we will explain the process going from culinary empiricism to the reasoned conception of the industrial product. Then we will address the physico-chemical complexity of our food. This will naturally take us to the concept of assembly technology. Finally, we will discuss some evolutionary perspectives in terms of food formulations. Thus the food industry is seriously considering the use of increasingly sophisticated systems such as microemulsions, liposomes, liquid crystals. These systems, hitherto not or very little exploited in the sector, aim not only to facilitate the incorporation and stabilization of the compounds of physiological interest, but also, from our point of view, the crucial point of the development of health food of tomorrow, the physical chemistry of the food matrix, their release, their assimilation and their bioavailability. All of these initiatives lead to a new approach of healthy consumption.
Keywords: Food sciences, Components, Food quality, Interactions