35th World Summit on COVID-19 (Part VI)
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Accepted Abstracts

Fatal COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Myocarditis

Peter A McCullough*
The Wellness Company, USA.

Citation: McCullough PA (2023) Fatal COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Myocarditis. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: November 12, 2022         Accepted: November 15, 2022         Published: November 15, 2022


The COVID-19 mass vaccination program has been a worldwide debacle. All forms of vaccination introduce the Wuhan wild-type Spike protein through genetic code, antigen, or killed virus forms of vaccination. The Spike protein is known to circulate for up 30 days with mRNA vaccination.  Additionally, mRNA is found in the circulation for up to 14 days and has been identified in breast milk. The mRNA vaccines have regulatory warnings on vaccine induced myocarditis which occurs at a peak in males ages 18-24 but extends to early childhood and late into the seventh decade. Fatal cases have been reported by Patone, Gill, Choi, and Verma. This abstract will review the pathogenesis, clinical evaluation, and prognosis of COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis. Trends in all-cause mortality and sudden adult death syndrome after subclinical myocarditis will be reviewed.