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Accepted Abstracts

Evaluating the Function of Communication Strategies on Commercialization of Research Projects

Zohreh Jafari* 
Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

Citation: Jafari Z (2020) Evaluating the Function of Communication Strategies on Commercialization of Research Projects. SciTech Management Sciences 2020

Received: August 04, 2020         Accepted: August 11, 2020         Published: August 11, 2020


The purpose of this study was to survey the role of communication strategies on commercialization of research projects. This communication strategy, information, persuasion, is in favor of dialogue. The research has been conducted exploratory- survey. The population included of 48 experts and managers working in the field of technology commercialization, ideation and researchers of Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology (IROST in Tehran) in1393 year. Considering the necessity of extracting insights and answering the questions related to the subject selected, the study population was selected from among those that should be available and the experience, knowledge and expertise are needed. This research study is to answer four questions. What are the obstacles and factors affecting commercializing research projects? What are the Communication strategies and priorities for each of them? Based on the results, the priority of each of the strategies is notification, persuasion, making agreement and conversation. In the first phase of the study analyzed factors and barriers to commercialization. Then, using the literature including Communication theories and Interviews with experts the main factors were extracted and questioners have been prepared. Based on factor analysis and using SPSS software in the second phase of study, communicative strategies of test results and priorities were determined. Based on the results 16 viewpoints have been obtained and regarding the influence and role of communicative strategies on commercialization of research projects suggestions have been presented The findings represents that each communication strategies could not be effective and should be along with other strategies. The relationship between industry, idea makers and investors through television and radio interviews, Brainstorming meetings, participation in local and international exhibitions to interact with internal and external academic and research centers. to prepare a system for industry priorities, to make documentary movies, revision and to adjust research policies, to use cyberspace for communicating with domestic and foreign science and research centers, to adjust roles and regulations related to information, to train specialists and to use communication tools such as brochures, Infographic, catalogs, posters and many other items including instances of use of communication methods and consequently its impact on the commercialization of research projects.
Keywords: Communication strategies, Commercialization, Q Methodology, Exploratory factor analysis