World Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry Part II
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Accepted Abstracts

Dental Marketing BMEG Approach (Build, Market, Expand and Grow Practice)

Roche Pennafuerte Ruiz* 
KJR Dental Center Incorporated, Philippines

Citation: Ruiz RP (2021) Dental Marketing BMEG Approach  (Build, Market, Expand and Grow Practice). SciTech Central Dentistry 2021. 

Received: July 26, 2021         Accepted: July 28, 2021         Published: July 28, 2021


Background: Dental Marketing has been in the International Convention since thirty-six (36) years ago. Dental Marketing is the process of understanding who your patient is, where they reside, and what they value. On the clinic perspective, patients must always be given an opportunity to have the best possible smile they deserve. It means you are providing the patient with an exceptional experience and with that they become a kind of an uncompensated evangelist - salesperson, for your practice.
Methods: Two (2) sets of questions with five (5) key points and an interval of six (6) months per dentist. One hundred fifty (150) dental clinics/ practitioners will be subjected to a two-page questionnaire with an identical perspective of marketing importance. The identification of whether what business type was also asked during the research. Out of the 150, second research was made using the same dental clinics/practitioners this time excluding the thirty (30) dental clinics/practitioners that were not interested.
Results: Dental Marketing is needed in the local settings and encourages participation from the dental practice circle. Dental Marketing provides an In-and-Out Approach to building and expanding dental practice. It is also identified that most of the participants were interested and only a few were not.
Conclusion: 92% of respondents said they need Marketing to build their practice and thought of it as an essential tool in their business. 9.2% increase on the use of Digital Dental Marketing platform, and a 8% increase on a $1000 (P50k) expenditures per month. Dental Marketing is and will always be part of the dental industry. In six (6) month time of the campaign, dental marketing has reflected good results in terms of an increase in patients turn-out.