37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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Conference Speakers

Cibele Rosalin de Oliveira

Designation: Researcher University: University of Sao Paulo Country: Brazil More Details

Cibele has a degree in pharmacy-biochemistry from the University of São Paulo - USP and has professional experience in national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche, Theraskin and Johnson & Johnson. She has experience in the areas of regulatory affairs, product launches, new business development and partnerships, as well as the publication of scientific articles in national and international journals in healthcare. Now a days she is responsible for the development of partnerships between private and public institutions through strategic solutions that guarantee sustainable environment.

Nicola Sarandria

Designation: Researcher University: Medical Media Services Country: Italy More Details
Dr Nicola Sarandria graduated from Medical School with 110 cum Laude (with honors) while getting an Excellence in Research Track (ERT) diploma, awarded at Humanitas University in Milan. He is a member of the International High IQ Society with a score in the 99.5th percentile and of the Order of Surgeons and Physicians of Vicenza (Italy). He received a PhD in Management with a focus on healthcare and a post-graduate diploma in immune-oncology and cancer genetics from Harvard Medical School. He is a writer for healthcare-related articles in important journals such as “Stars and Stripes” and “Coespu (Governmental G8-related)”. From his maternal side he descends from the noble family of Cardone (marquise in Italy). He travelled a great deal since young age. His travels brought him to different countries. He travelled across Europe (From eastern to western and northern European countries), Russia, United States of America and North Africa. He always loved reading and writing, which “saved” him from a difficult period of his life, together with his faith (he is a Catholic Christian, with a strong love for the study of different cultures and religions). His favourite books are Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin, and the Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas. He is an award-winning author and an amazon best-seller writer.

Soham Samajpaty

Designation: Faculty University: Russian National Research Medical University Country: Russia More Details
Soham Samajpaty is the International faculty, Department of General Medicine at the Russian National Research Medical University named after NI Pirogov, Moscow, Russian Federation. He is working on different theoretical aspects of medical physics, human physiology, virology and industrial biotechnology. Research on health economics based on statistics has been done by him with an aim of prophesising and showing present extent of health problems and their epidemiology. He has contributed multiple research papers in the field of virology, hematology, and medicine and has done some path-breaking works in Ayurveda as well. He has been awarded VAK-Russian Federation title. He has been jointly awarded by SOAS (UK), IIHSG (India) and University of Chittagong (Bangladesh) for new statistical conclusion to health economics and has been felicitated by Calcutta University for his exclusive contribution to virology and health policy making. He has 15 publications in national and international journals of repute and has also authored few book chapters.

Noel Dougba Dago

Designation: Associate Professor University: Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly Country: Cote d’Ivoire More Details

Mr. Noel Dougba Dago is Ph.D graduate in Applied Biotechnology (University of Verona). He worked at the Genomic Center (Department of Biotechnology, University of Verona), assessing custom microarray design strategies performances by RNA-Seq approach. He developed strong Bioinformatics and Biostatistics background. He holed a Master degree in Research and Innovation in Health Sciences (University of Salerno) focusing on Genomic and Bioinformatics, weighing estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) involvement in monitoring breast cancer pattern by the alternative splicing event in early stimulated MCF7 breast cancer cells lines. He holed a Master in Molecular Biology (University of Camerino) he is now Associate Professor (Department of Biochemistry and Genetic University of Korhogo in Ivory Coast). He is header of the Scientific Council of the Biological Sciences Faculty. He collaborated as Bioinformatician in several research projects programs in several Italian Universities (i.e Brescia, Verona and Salerno).

Alkhansa Salih Mahmoud

Designation: Researcher University: Sudan Atomic Energy Commission Country: Sudan More Details

Alkhansa Salih Mahmoud has obtained PhD in cancer biology and oncology. She worked as Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) and was responsible for the progress of research work under Coordinated Research Project (CRP)/ IAEA, she managed her team very well and advised them wisely during the CRP. She has experience in cancer research and related fields, including radiation biology and biodosimetry. She has conducted experimental in vivo and in vitro studies based on various techniques, including cell culture techniques, molecular techniques, and immunoassay methods. She shares her research findings through the participation in conferences, workshops and publishing articles. Her research interests include cancer biology, biochemistry, radiation biology, and biodosimitry with emphasis on radiation oncology and radiation protection for nuclear medicine workers.

Alfred Ordman

Designation: Professor University: Beloit College Country: USA More Details

Alfred “Roc” Ordman received his PhD in Biochemistry at the The University of Wisconsin-Madison. He became a Biochemistry Professor at Beloit College in 1977. His first sabbatical was in cancer research was Cancer Researcher of the Year R. K. Boutwell at McArdle Labs. His research has been on nutrition and healthspan, with many publications. He distributes a weekly nutrition newsletter and has a large website about nutrition and healthspan, with links to peer-reviewed publications. He was elected to the American Society of Nutrition and the Gerontology Research Group. Once Emeritus, he was asked to develop nutritional supplements, designing Mito-C and Triumph, to reduce the risk for dementia and cancer resp. His website also maintains information on the causes of aging and indicates other supplements validated in scientific literature to reduce the risk for age-associated diseases.