37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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Conference Speakers

Cibele Rosalin de Oliveira

Designation: Researcher University: University of Sao Paulo Country: Brazil More Details

Cibele has a degree in pharmacy-biochemistry from the University of São Paulo - USP and has professional experience in national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche, Theraskin and Johnson & Johnson. She has experience in the areas of regulatory affairs, product launches, new business development and partnerships, as well as the publication of scientific articles in national and international journals in healthcare. Now a days she is responsible for the development of partnerships between private and public institutions through strategic solutions that guarantee sustainable environment.

Nicola Sarandria

Designation: Researcher University: Medical Media Services Country: Italy More Details
Dr Nicola Sarandria graduated from Medical School with 110 cum Laude (with honors) while getting an Excellence in Research Track (ERT) diploma, awarded at Humanitas University in Milan. He is a member of the International High IQ Society with a score in the 99.5th percentile and of the Order of Surgeons and Physicians of Vicenza (Italy). He received a PhD in Management with a focus on healthcare and a post-graduate diploma in immune-oncology and cancer genetics from Harvard Medical School. He is a writer for healthcare-related articles in important journals such as “Stars and Stripes” and “Coespu (Governmental G8-related)”. From his maternal side he descends from the noble family of Cardone (marquise in Italy). He travelled a great deal since young age. His travels brought him to different countries. He travelled across Europe (From eastern to western and northern European countries), Russia, United States of America and North Africa. He always loved reading and writing, which “saved” him from a difficult period of his life, together with his faith (he is a Catholic Christian, with a strong love for the study of different cultures and religions). His favourite books are Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin, and the Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas. He is an award-winning author and an amazon best-seller writer.

Soham Samajpaty

Designation: Faculty University: Russian National Research Medical University Country: Russia More Details
Soham Samajpaty is the International faculty, Department of General Medicine at the Russian National Research Medical University named after NI Pirogov, Moscow, Russian Federation. He is working on different theoretical aspects of medical physics, human physiology, virology and industrial biotechnology. Research on health economics based on statistics has been done by him with an aim of prophesising and showing present extent of health problems and their epidemiology. He has contributed multiple research papers in the field of virology, hematology, and medicine and has done some path-breaking works in Ayurveda as well. He has been awarded VAK-Russian Federation title. He has been jointly awarded by SOAS (UK), IIHSG (India) and University of Chittagong (Bangladesh) for new statistical conclusion to health economics and has been felicitated by Calcutta University for his exclusive contribution to virology and health policy making. He has 15 publications in national and international journals of repute and has also authored few book chapters.

Noel Dougba Dago

Designation: Associate Professor University: Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly Country: Cote d’Ivoire More Details

Mr. Noel Dougba Dago is Ph.D graduate in Applied Biotechnology (University of Verona). He worked at the Genomic Center (Department of Biotechnology, University of Verona), assessing custom microarray design strategies performances by RNA-Seq approach. He developed strong Bioinformatics and Biostatistics background. He holed a Master degree in Research and Innovation in Health Sciences (University of Salerno) focusing on Genomic and Bioinformatics, weighing estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) involvement in monitoring breast cancer pattern by the alternative splicing event in early stimulated MCF7 breast cancer cells lines. He holed a Master in Molecular Biology (University of Camerino) he is now Associate Professor (Department of Biochemistry and Genetic University of Korhogo in Ivory Coast). He is header of the Scientific Council of the Biological Sciences Faculty. He collaborated as Bioinformatician in several research projects programs in several Italian Universities (i.e Brescia, Verona and Salerno).

Alkhansa Salih Mahmoud

Designation: Researcher University: Sudan Atomic Energy Commission Country: Sudan More Details

Alkhansa Salih Mahmoud has obtained PhD in cancer biology and oncology. She worked as Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) and was responsible for the progress of research work under Coordinated Research Project (CRP)/ IAEA, she managed her team very well and advised them wisely during the CRP. She has experience in cancer research and related fields, including radiation biology and biodosimetry. She has conducted experimental in vivo and in vitro studies based on various techniques, including cell culture techniques, molecular techniques, and immunoassay methods. She shares her research findings through the participation in conferences, workshops and publishing articles. Her research interests include cancer biology, biochemistry, radiation biology, and biodosimitry with emphasis on radiation oncology and radiation protection for nuclear medicine workers.

Alfred Ordman

Designation: Professor University: Beloit College Country: USA More Details

Alfred “Roc” Ordman received his PhD in Biochemistry at the The University of Wisconsin-Madison. He became a Biochemistry Professor at Beloit College in 1977. His first sabbatical was in cancer research was Cancer Researcher of the Year R. K. Boutwell at McArdle Labs. His research has been on nutrition and healthspan, with many publications. He distributes a weekly nutrition newsletter and has a large website about nutrition and healthspan, with links to peer-reviewed publications. He was elected to the American Society of Nutrition and the Gerontology Research Group. Once Emeritus, he was asked to develop nutritional supplements, designing Mito-C and Triumph, to reduce the risk for dementia and cancer resp. His website also maintains information on the causes of aging and indicates other supplements validated in scientific literature to reduce the risk for age-associated diseases.

Ikenna Kingsley Uchendu

Designation: Lecturer University: University of Nigeria Country: Nigeria More Details
Ikenna Kingsley Uchendu is currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Nigeria since 2014. He achieved MSc. degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2014 from the University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom. He has obtained B.MLS degree in Medical Laboratory Science in 2009 from the University of Nigeria. His research interest includes Clinical Chemistry, Ethnopharmacology, Toxicology, Food Science and Technology, Molecular and Signalling mechanisms, and Cancer and Cell biology. He is currently researching on Interleukin profiling in Kidney Cancer at the Institute of Personalized Oncology, First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M Sechenov, Russia. He has published his research findings in more than 60 peer-reviewed publications. He has participated in various international conferences. He has supervised over 45 undergraduate students’ projects since 2014.

Galina Bogoslovskaya

Designation: Physician University: Mankweng Academical Hospital Country: South Africa More Details

Galina Bogoslovskaya was born in Tomsk, Russia and she currently lives in Polokwane, South Africa. She received her Medical Doctor degree from Tomsk Medical University in 1978 (Tomsk, Russia). She was awarded Ph.D. in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in 1993 from the Institute of Cardiology from Tomsk Scientific Center (Russia).  Her career as an Internal Medicine and Cardiology specialist took her to Georgetown (Guyana), Zanzibar, and Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). Since 2006 she has been working at Polokwane/Mankweng hospital complex (South Africa), Internal Medicine Department. She currently lectures as well at Limpopo University and trains Junior Staff, Interns, and Medical students. Her research interests include cardiology, pulmonology, and infectious diseases. She has published multiple papers and proposed several innovative methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac pathology, hematology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, and tropical medicine.

Nuno Miguel Moreira Santos

Designation: Researcher University: University of Beira Interior (UBI) Country: Portugal More Details

Nuno Miguel Moreira Santos skills being an articulate, assertive, and approachable communicator with methodical organizational and management skills. He completed his master’s degree in Medicine provided extensive knowledge of Medical Arts, with a brief introduction to Sociology and Anthropology. Moreover, he acquired fundamentals of Medical Phycology and Management and Leadership in Healthcare. The program had a substantial practical studies plan, including comprehensive internships in specialties such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Family Medicine, among others. The studies plan culminated in his master’s dissertation, an integrative review addressing the use of electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Palliative Care. In the past couple of years, in Algarve Biomedical Centre, as a Team Leader, he had the opportunity to relish some of his interests that he couldn’t apply during his master’s, such as managing, overviewing peers’ conclusions, and advice while training and developing their skills in his field of knowledge.

Abel Garcia Abejas

Designation: Palliative Care Coordinator University: University of Beira Interior (UBI) Country: Portugal More Details

Abel Abejas started his curriculum with a degree in Medicine from the University of Extremadura, in Spain, from 1995 to 2000. After contributing a few years to enrich his portfolio, training in Bulgaria in 2000, for example, He started specialist training in Cascais to become a Family and General Medicine specialist in Cascais, Portugal. He achieved his Master’s degree in Palliative Care in 2011, from FML, Lisbon, and his Master’s in Bioethics from Borja Institute. His main accomplishments in his career comprehend the following: 2021-Member of Ethics Committee CES - IVI Lisboa, 2021- Member of Ethics Committee CES –ESTeSL, 2021-President of CES in Lusíadas Hospital (ethics commission, 2021-Coordinator of Núcleo de Estudos em Bioética da FCS UBI – NEBUBI (Bioethical studies group of the University of Beira Interior, 2021-Coordinator of Arte da Medicina in UBI, 2019 Professor of Ethics and Palliative Care at UBI, 2019- Ph.D. Student UCP-IB –Bioethics, 2019. Master in Bioethics - Borja Institut/FIUC 2019-Course in Oncología en la Atención Primaria from FFOM (Oncology in Primary Care) 2019-Member of Spiritual Care Group of APCP 2019- Member of GESPAL of APMGF 2019-2021 Member of GECS 2018-2021 Member of the Ethic Comity of APCP.

Rajini Samuel

Designation: Associate Professor University: Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute Country: India More Details
Dr.T.Rajini Samuel is presently working as an Associate Professor of Biochemistry  in Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai, India. His academic qualifications are MBBS (2004–2010) at Chengal pattu Government Medical College located at Chengal pattu, Tamil Nadu, India and M.D in Biochemistry (2012-2015) at Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospitals, Chennai. He had proposed Cardiac Vector Hypothesis and developed a Novel Perspective ECG Interpretation Method. He then focused his research on Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) analysis. He had developed a Novel ABG Interpretation method and constructed a Novel Four Quadrant Graphical Tool for ABG interpretation. He then focussed his research during COVID times on Ventilator Graphics Interpretation. He had derived Novel Equations of Motion for mechanical ventilation and published 3 research articles on Ventilator Graphics Interpretation in 2021. He had published 36 research articles, 3 books and one chapter. He received High Flyers 50 Global Achievers Awards 2022 for the Best Medical Science Researcher, Atmanir bhar Bharath Award 2022 and Indian Achievers Award 2021 for Excellence in Innovation awarded by the Indian Achievers Forum.

Yekaterina Jordan

Designation: General surgeon University: Kolibri Cancer Centre Country: USA More Details

Dr. Yekaterina Jordan received her MD degree from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, USA) and completed General Surgery Residence at the University of Texas Health San Antonio (USA). After graduation she started her solo physician practice Kolibri Clinic and joined Aurora Cancer Center (San Antonio, USA) – a multidisciplinary association of independent practices focused on treatment of breast, prostate, and skin cancers. She has special interest in systemic manifestation of oncologic diseases, multifaceted approach to cancer treatment, benign and malignant breast disease, hereditary cancer syndromes, cancer prevention and risk reduction. Dr. Jordan is former Rotary International Scholar.

Hendrik Roos

Designation: Director University: Trifectiv (Pty) Ltd Country: South Africa More Details

Hendrik Roos is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from 1991 – 2004. He Performed more than 14,000 Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgical procedures. He Contributed a chapter in a textbook: Male Aesthetic Surgery (Editor: Daniel Marchac, 1996). He is the Principal author of Multiple articles on the use of hypochlorous acid in a variety of wounds. He is the Poster Presenter for The anti-neoplastic effects of hypochlorous acid. Wound Healing Southern Africa Conference 2019. From 2010 – present he is the Developer of a method of manufacture of pharmaceutical grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl). The purpose of this development is to manufacture HOCl solution to treat multiple skin, wound and pulmonary medical conditions. He Coordinates medical research into the application of HOCl in aesthetics, burns, acute and chronic wounds and various lung diseases. He is the Director of Thoclor Labs, Trifectiv and Pulmosat Group of Companies.

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal

Designation: President and Primary Biochemist University: Moondust Cosmetics Ltd Country: Canada More Details
Chanda Siddoo-Atwal,  completed her B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of London. Her Ph.D. was taken in Applied Sciences from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby (her research conducted at the BC Cancer Research Centre) and she did a Post-doctoral fellowship in the Biochemistry Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Cancer is her subject of specialization and started with research on Ataxia-telangiectasia (AT) patients, who are genetically prone to lymphomas. Since then, she has focussed mainly on mechanisms of carcinogenesis in various models including the AT disease state and ionizing radiation-induced cancer, mycotoxin-induced and chemically-induced cancers, microwave-induced cancers, and ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cancer. She is the President and Primary Biochemist of Moondust Cosmetics Ltd. (moondustcosmetics.com) and her current research activity includes the formulation of a novel sunscreen to combat apoptotic sunburn that has been associated with skin cancer and other suncare products for the repair of skin damage related to sun exposure (Moondust skin protector plus has been named Best Sun Protection Product 2020 by Luxlife magazine). She has been invited to present her research papers at conferences around the world and is the author of a recent book called, “A New Approach to Cancer Risk Assessment: An Overview” published by Lambert Academic Publishing. In addition, she has been asked to contribute chapters to textbooks by various international publishers including Springer and INTECH. Recently, she received a Drishti Award in recognition of her scientific contribution and commitment to education in the sunscreen industry. She also has a Facebook page where she presents her research in a popular way to the public (www.facebook.com/DrMoondust/).