26th International Conference on Psychiatry, Neuro and Mental Health
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Conference Speakers

Sam Vaknin (Conference President)

Designation: Professor University: CIAPS (Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies) Country: Russia More Details
Sam Vaknin is Visiting Professor of Psychology, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia and Professor of Finance and Psychology in CIAPS (Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies).  
Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited and other books about personality disorders.  
His work is cited in hundreds of books and dozens of academic papers.  
He spent the past 6 years developing Cold Therapy: a treatment modality for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Over the years, with dozens of volunteers, he found that it was effective with clients suffering from a major depressive episode as well.  
His interest include Personality disorders  

Bobbi Carducci

Designation: Certified Caregiving Consultant University: Carducci Caregiving Consulting Country: United States. More Details
Bobbi Carducci, CCC,CCE, has worked in the field of dementia education and support for 19 years.  The author of two books for caregivers, she is a sought after presenter at caregiver conferences and workshops in the U.S, and Internationally.  She is the co-host of the podcast, www.RodgerThat.show, dedicated to guiding you through the haze of dementia. Bobbi’s workshops focus on educating caregivers about effective ways to respond to dementia behavior in order to reduce stress and enhance quality of life for all concerned. A family caregiver for seven years, Bobbi speaks with true understanding, compassion and humor.

Anat Ben Salmon

Designation: Researcher University: Rotem - Center for Practical Professional Training Country: Israel More Details
Anat serves as the chairman of the Israeli Parental Counselling and Family Counselling Association. Over the past three years, together with Ofer Erez, She has broadcast a weekly radio show and has daily live broadcasts on social media networks, discussing mental health topics. She has published several academic publications in the last year and is involved in ongoing research of her practice. She serves on the editorial board of “Clinical images and case reports journal”. She has more than 16 years of practical experience working with children, adolescents and parents. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a therapist in the Welfare Ministry and served as a group therapist in a Mental health hospital in Ottawa, Canada. She is the co-manager of Kelim Shluvim L.T.D (established in 2006) that specialises in diagnosis and therapy and for individuals and families in both clinical and home settings and has treated hundreds of couples and families.

Vinicius Benatti Freire

Designation: Researcher University: Nove de Julho University Country: Brazil More Details

Vinicius Benatti Freire is a Medical student at Nove de Julho University in Sao Paulo and currently invited to participate in a project supervised by supervisors from Universidade Nove de Julho on the treatment of heart failure using electromagnetic force and invited to participate in the construction of the 3D Routes Biomodel project Ascending Neurals. He is a President and Vice President of the Academic League of Neurology and Neurosurgery at  Nove de Julho University in 2020 (LANN); Vice President of the VII Academic Congress of Neuroscience (VII CAN) 2020-2021; Effective member of the Army's Academic Neurosurgery League (LiNEx) 2021; Scientific Director of the League of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Universidade Nove de Julho (LANN) in 2019. His publications are : He is the author of Neuroplasticity in Spinal Trauma: A Current Narrative Review of Treatments (World Journal of Neuroscience); Spinal Cord Trauma: From Injury to Rehabilitation (Chapter 30 - Book: Trauma and Emergency - Theory and Practice, Issue 2, Volume 2) and Co-author for Epidemiology of the ischemic cerebrovascular accident in Brazil in the year of 2019, an analysis from an age group perspective (Brazilian Journal of Health Review).

Lucas Cressoni de Souza

Designation: Researcher University: Nove de Julho University Country: Brazil More Details
Lucas Cressoni de Souza is a Medical student at Nove de Julho University in Sao Paulo. He is a Scientific Director for the League of Clinical Medicine of the Universidade Nove de Julho 2019-2020. He participated in the Study of the Prevalence of Type 1 Cardiorenal Syndrome after Acute Myocardial Infarction in 2019. His Publications are: He is the Co-author of Neuroplasticity in Spinal Trauma: A Current Narrative Review of Treatments (World Journal of Neuroscience); Spinal Cord Trauma: From Injury to Rehabilitation (Chapter 30 - Book: Trauma and Emergency - Theory and Practice, Issue 2, Volume 2).

Alexander Kharibegashvili

Designation: Lecturer University: Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University Country: Georgia More Details
Alexander Kharibegashvili was born in 14th May 1959 and lives now in Telavi, Kakheti, 2200, Georgia, Caucasus. He Graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University, the faculty of general medicine with a specialization in neurology, and Telavi Dentistry Institute, Georgia. He Works in Telavi District Hospital as neurologist and Telavi Polyclinic ,,Kakheti’’ as neurologist and dentist. Also he works as Lecturer in Telavi State University. He has publications and patents for inventions in surgical and prosthetic dentistry, neurology, electromyography, neurosurgery, psychiatry.

Syed Altaf Hussain

Designation: Clinical psychologist University: Deccan College of Medical Sciences Country: India More Details
Syed Altaf Hussain was born in Hyderabad, India.  Presently, he is working as a clinical psychologist since about six years at Deccan College of Medical Sciences at Hyderabad, India.  His job responsibilities at medical college are to teach clinical psychology to the student-psychiatrists, assessment and diagnosis of psychiatric patients as well as taking different therapies to them.  Also he is working part time at Utage Child Development Centre, Hyderabad.  Here his job responsibilities are to assess and diagnose various child related mental issues i.e., mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and other behavioural issues.  Before joining as clinical psychology, he worked as medical secretary and school teacher.
As for his family, his wife is a High School Mathematics teacher and they have five children, all living along with his father.

Lilach Soreq PhD.

Designation: RoseTrees Research Fellow University: UCL Country: UK More Details

Lilach Soreq have a BSc in computer science (with division in mathematics and in cognitive sciences). MSc in bioinformatics and PhD in neurobiology from the faculty of medicine in Hadassah Jerusalem hospital, Israel. He did all his degrees in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. He was supervised by Dr. Nissim Ben Arie in his MSc (published a paper on Math1 developmental transcription factor in mice) and his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Hagai Bergman (that developed DBS). During his PhD, he studied Parkinson’s disease RNA expression changes in PD patients blood leukocytes in his PhD prior to and following deep brain stimulation (DBS) on and off stimulus. Published 21 papers a book chapter and 2 patents.

He did his post doc in UCL Institute of Neurology (London UK) and Francis Crick Institute studying aging (published in Cell Reports). He had a Marie Curie 2 year fellowship, fellowship from the Hebrew university friends and 3 years Alzheimer’s society fellowship.

He presented posters and oral presentations in several international conferences, he have several national and international scientific collaborations (some yielded published papers). He can analyse complex biological data using Matlab, R, MySQLPython. He read and write papers and review for several journals. He watch online webinars and take professional courses in Coursera (mainly machine learning, data mining).

Dr. Shilpa Karkera

Designation: Assistant Professor University: Trinity School of Medicine Country: St. Vincent & Grenadines More Details
Dr. Karkera is an Assistant professor of Neuroscience and Anatomy and the course director of Neuroscience and Pre Med Anatomy at Trinity school of medicine. Dr. Karkera was awarded MS Medical Anatomy from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore , Manipal University( India) on 2011. She was awarded as PhD Medical Anatomy at Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore(India) on 2018 and served as Assistant Professor , Department of Anatomy from 2012 - 2019. She has mentored many graduate students during her career. Core Competencies: Creating individualized plans and programs to facilitate a personalized and intuitive approach to education while stimulating students’ appreciation for the subject. Incorporation of college guidelines, philosophy and assessments into lessons while maintaining customizable creativity and flexibility. Remaining abreast of new technologies and alternative delivery methods by continually attending professional development.