World Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry Part II
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Accepted Abstracts

Management of Gingival Recessions

El Kholti Wafa*, Kissa Jamila
Periodontics Department, University of Hassan II of Casablanca, Morocco

Citation: Wafa EK, Jamila K (2021) Management of Gingival Recessions. SciTech Central Dentistry 2021. 

Received: August 09, 2021         Accepted: August 11, 2021         Published: August 11, 2021


Gingival recession is an oral exposure of the root surface due to an apical displacement of the gingival margin below the cemento-enamel junction. The current evidence suggests that the etiology of gingival recession could be multifactorial and numerous factors should be taken into account in diagnosis phase. These etiological factors may be anatomic, pathologic, traumatic or iatrogenic. Treatment of gingival recessions is indicated mainly to cover the recession defect, as well as to improve clinical attachment level and, whether needed, create or improve the keratinized tissue amount. The main goal of the treatment of gingival recessions consists in the complete root coverage with good esthetic appearance related to the adjacent soft tissues. The increasing demand in esthetics and the need to solve related problems of gingival recessions have yielded to the development of numerous surgical procedures that allow the coverage of denuded roots. The aim of this lecture is to discuss the management of gingival recessions based on clinical cases and scientific evidence.