Q1. Why SciTech Central Conferences?

Lead by young and innovative team, the company has a winning combination of people with vast experience in the field of research and development. The result is a path-breaking knowledge that provides participants, the most organized and easy ways to learn and explore. More than that, the attendees in the conferences and events will acquire knowledge that will potentially improve the benefits of their participation in the event, or making business connections.

Q2. What is the process to submit my abstract?

Visit the particular conference page, click on abstract submission and submit the abstract by filling the complete details in the Submission Guidelines form.  You may also submit it through the email mentioned in the contact detail.

Q3. How can I register for the conference?

Visit the conference website, of your interest. Select the category and click on Register Now option. Choose the registration fee and complete the procedure. The options are same for delegate, Oral or poster participation.

Q4. What are the various ways of presenting my work?

Oral and Poster presentation are the two ways. Abstract submission is required for both the categories.

Q5. What is the correct time I should reach the venue?

The presence of the participants is appreciated from the starting of the conference. Many attendees may like to have an interaction with you. In case that is not feasible, we expect you to reach one hour before your talk, for the AV setup of your presentation.

Q6. Whom to inform if my flight is delayed or rescheduled?

If you are reaching venue or the hotel late, kindly inform the conference manager so that they can come up with the possible arrangements.

Q7. What is the procedure of getting the payment receipt?

After the registration payment is completed, an auto generated payment receipt will be received by the payer. In case anyone wants to have another receipt with specific details, they can raise a query to the registered email address and the receipt will be sent via email of the participant. In the bank transfer process, the receipt will be provided once the transfer process is completed. 

Q8. What are the benefits of participating as a group?

A group of 3 or more members will be eligible for 15% waiver in the registration fee. All the members should belong to the same company/ institute. For further details please send an email mentioned in the contact detail.

Q9. How to receive the conference kit?

It will be provided to all the participants at the conference venue

Q10. What is to be done, if the payment is done twice?

Email the payment receipt of both the payments to the conference manager for the assistance and the issue will be resolved within 48 working hours.

Q11. Do you provide Invoice?

Yes, we do. To obtain the same email all the details to conference manager with the registration option of your interest.

Q12. What are the refund policies?

After the registration, if the participant is unable to join or transfer the registration to any future conference, the refund will be done after 10% deduction, if applied 60 days before the conference. Before 45 days of the conference, only half of the amount will be refunded. There is no refund one month before the event.  The deductions are due to service and transaction charges involved.

Q13. How to get an Invitation Letter

The request for the Invitation letter should be emailed to the conference manager after the registration process is completed.

Q14. Do you provide translator?

The speaker can come with his/her own translator, who will not be charged with any fee and will be allowed in the conference hall during the talk. No Id card/conference kit/service will be provided to the translator including Food and Beverages.

Q15. What is the procedure to transfer participation fee from one conference to another?

Please drop an email to the conference manager, with the conference to which it has to be transferred.

NOTE: Participants are responsible for their travel and belongings


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