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Accepted Abstracts

Round pneumonia in adults masquerading as bronchogenic carcinoma

Ishit Chauhan, Chandan Kumar, Abhishek, Pal Satyajit Singh Athwal, Shivangi Gupta, Fnu Kajal, Piyush Puri*, Anil Kumar Kem 
Jinan University Country, China

Citation: Chauhan C, Kumar C, Abhishek, Athwal PSS, Gupta S et al (2019) Round pneumonia in adults masquerading as bronchogenic carcinoma. SciTech Immuno-Microbiology 2019. Dubai: UAE

Received: January 07, 2019         Accepted: January 08, 2019         Published: January 08, 2019


Round pneumonia or coin pneumonia is a rare variant in adults, although it is very common in the pediatric age group patients. It can mimic as a pulmonary mass on imaging, which can lead to broad differential diagnosis or misguidance toward the conditions like bronchogenic carcinoma or other benign conditions which can lead to unnecessary diagnostic work up like computerized tomography scan and even a biopsy. We report a case of 45-year-old female with this rare presentation of pneumonia.