37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research
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SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2023

37TH International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research


February 16-17, 2023

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37th International Conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research

SciTech Central Conferences is initiating a virtual conference on 37th International conference on Biomedical & Cancer Research (SciTech Biomed-Cancer 2023) scheduled on February 16-17, 2023. It could be a great stage for all academicians, researchers, scientists, students, faculty members, healthcare executives, doctors, industrialists, entrepreneurs to share their contemplation among all the participants. The interested speakers are requested to submit their abstract and video of the conversation. Exhibitors are invited to promote their healthcare products at our conference websites.

Biomedical science focuses on Cells, Organs and Systems function in the human body. It covers vast range of topics such as Human Anotomy and Physiology, Cell biology, Genetics, Biomedical science, Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Medical and Clinical research, Pharmacology, Biochemistry etc.

is a cellular change caused by the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. Some types of cancer cause rapid cell growth, while others cause cells to grow and divide at a slower rate. They are over more than 100 types of cancers known. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body. In women, breast cancer is one of the most common cancer. For men, it's prostate cancer. Lung and colon cancers are highly prevalent in both men and women. Cancer is not limited to humans, but can affect animals and other living organisms. Imaging tests such as X-rays, CT-Scan, MRI, ultrasound, and fiber-optic endoscopy examinations are used to determine the cancer's location and size. To confirm the diagnosis, biopsy is performed in which a tissue sample is removed from the suspected tumor and studied under a microscope to check for cancer cells. Treatments includes Immunotherapy, vaccine, T-cell therapy, Monoclonal antibodies, Immune checkpoint inhibitors, Virotherapy, Hormone therapy, etc  Common types of cancer include breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, oral cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, skin cancer, and melanoma.

Discussions on: 
  • Advances in Cancer Research and Treatment
  • Cancer Immuno Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy
  • Cancer Epidemiology & Vaccines
  • Cancer Causes and Risk Factors
  • Radiation, Surgical & Clinical Oncology
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer and Therapeutics
  • Bioengineering and Instrumentation
  • Latest Technologies in Biomedical Analysis
  • Genetic Engineering and its Applications
  • Current Researches in Biomedicine and Biosciences
  • Types of Biomedical Waste Management
  • Advance Epidemiological Methods and Disease Control
  • Challenges in Pathology
  • Novel approaches to Cancer Therapeutics
  • Cancer Imaging Techniques
  • Recent Advances in Biomedical Applications
  • Cancer Biology: Current Concepts
  • Cancer Biomarkers
  • Prevention and Palliative care in Cancer
  • Biomarkers of Cancer Stem Cells
  • Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
  • Cancer Management and Research
  • Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages
  • Cancer Epidemiology & Cancer Pathophysiology
  • Innovation in Cancer Research and Oncology
  • Bionanomaterial and Nanotechnology
  • Bioprinting Technology and its Applications
  • Biotechnology in Healthcare
  • Biophysics and Physicobiology
  • Biophotonics and Bioimaging
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Organ Specific Cancers
  • Oncology and their Types
  • Cancer R&D Market Analysis
  • Role of Bioinformatics
  • Precision Cancer Medicine & Oncology

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Abstract Due Date: February 11, 2023

Registration Closes: February 15, 2023


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