Global Summit on COVID-19
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SciTech Central COVID-19  

Global Summit on COVID-19 

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December 14-15, 2021

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Global Summit on COVID-19

December 2019, a case of new strain of virus started spreading to the different parts of the world, named as coronavirus and COVID-19 as name of the disease. With time, it became a pandemic and lead to severe loss of life and economy.  Many organizations came up with diagnostic kits to identify infection in the patients. The initial symptoms are same as common cold and flu, but soon asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 appeared as a challenge.

SciTech Central COVID-19 (Global Summit on COVID-19) scheduled during December 14-15, 2021 aims at the discussion about new challenges in the diagnostics of COVID-19, present state of clinical trials on various vaccines globally, challenges in distribution of approved vaccines to all the countries, impact on environment and pollution levels, dealing with economy and financial issues, mental disorders and anxiety issues, struggle of children in lockdown, effect on students and their studies, healthcare staff and hospital management, mutants of COVID-19 strain, the next wave of COVID-19, crisis of oxygen supply, modified government policies, society as helping hand.

 The theme of the conference is COVID-19: Lessons learned and Subsequent Aspects.  The interested speakers are requested to submit abstract and pre-recorded video of the talk/web-posters. Speakers can be academicians, researchers, scientists, students, faculty members, healthcare executives, doctors etc. The exhibitors are invited to promote their healthcare products at our conference websites.

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Growth of COVID-19 pandemic
hampered the financial, social and healthcare systems of many countries. Scientists from all over the world are working to develop an effective vaccine. The increase in the number of COVID-19 mutant strains made it difficult for healthcare systems, to successfully come up with a single solution.

Impact on mental health can be observed in the patients. A panic and anxiety situation is prevailing all around. Sleep disorders, depression, fear in adults have increased due to unpredictable pandemic outside, lockdown state, modified food habits and sleeping patterns. Children are finding it difficult to stay at home for the whole day. Reduced physical and mental activities in the absence of school have increased anger and frustration in the students. Online studies are helping parents in keeping the studies of their child updated, but increased the screen time for students, leading to headache, back bone pain and eye disorders. Yoga, meditation, healthy diet, reading books, avoiding news about pandemic can help in coping up with the situation.      

While science and human race is giving tough fight to corona, environment is rejuvenating in this lockdown. Boom of several sea aquatic animals near the shores, clean river water, less pollution in the cities, forest animals visiting city boundaries, have been few examples of the same. A sense of belongingness, being a helping hand to needy, donations and fund raisers for patients, adoption centers of kids, providing moral support to each other increased during these difficult times. 

In this conference, we will disucss all the aspects of COVID-19, breakthroughs and challenges towards the next wave of COVID-19, new cocktail vaccine and various strains of COVID.  

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      Abstract Due Date - December 10, 2021
      Registration Closes - December 13, 2021


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