15th Global Womens Health, Pediatrics & Nursing Summit
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Accepted Abstracts

Thermodynamics Conception of Prophylaxis of Chronic Uninfectious Diseases

Apanasenko GL*
The Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Citation: Apanasenko GL (2021) Thermodynamics Conception of Prophylaxis of Chronic Uninfectious Diseases. SciTech Women & Nursing 2021. 

Received: November 09, 2020         Accepted: November 11, 2020         Published: November 12, 2020


The modern paradigm of medicine does not take into account fundamental position of biology that a human organism is the open thermodynamics system that submits to all laws of thermodynamics. Potential of energy of the biosystem is essence of physical health and his foundation, and people fall ill and prematurely die from the loss of health (energy potential). There is a level of potential of energy of organism that is conditioned by an evolution. Higher than this level   does not register oneself endogenous risk of development of diseases factors, not diseases («safe health level»). Thus, chronic uninfectious diseases are investigation of exit of energypotential of the biosystem for the limits conditioned by an evolution,   and his renewal (decline of entropy) is able to recover the health of man and warn development of fallouts of increase of entropy in the system. For control of potential of energy of organism the index of maximal aerobic ability (maximal consumption of oxygen, МCO, ml/min/ kg) can be used. The express - estimation of МCO, not requiring a difficult equipment and accessible to the middle medical personnel, was worked out. Expense time on one inspected 15 minutes. On by results a test possibility of disease and working heart rate are forecast for employments aerobic physical exercises with the purpose of return in the «safe zone» of health.