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Accepted Abstracts

Success Story of an Alcoholic

Tinni Dutta* 
University of Calcutta, India

Citation: Dutta T (2020) Success Story of an Alcoholic. SciTech Management Sciences 2020

Received: July 31, 2020         Accepted: August 04, 2020         Published: August 04, 2020


Shuvodip was an alcoholic, 35 years old and lived with his mother. He was very charming and impressive in nature. He came to a reputed NGO for detoxification and psychotherapeutic treatment. He was very much responsive. Rational Emotive Behavioral treatment was administered on him to restore his psychological equilibrium. This therapy consisted of enhancing emotionality and rationality. I t started with meditation and then followed by morning meeting. Uttering creed of life was the first component of morning meeting. I t was followed by own fault sharing and providing genuine gratitude to fellow members. Newspaper reading and taken part in recreational activities are two poolers of morning meeting. I t was ended with serenity prayer. Initially denial and inhibition was strong. But through encounter and group confrontation he was able to overcome these. Needless to mention he became well and was discharged. But as we know relapse is not a fault but a part of the disease, he was readmitted again. This time his mental status examination implied that though relapse has occurred but psychologically he felt much better. More over within six months he was able to give alcohol. He has good writing skills. This time he has written a book for alcoholic-‘How to give up alcohol easily and steadily?’ Indeed his case study remains an inspiring and encouraging character for fellow members.