8th World Summit on Management Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

Globalisation of Higher Education and Research

I Manavalan1*, S Gurudoss2
1 Hans Roever Institute of Skill Development, India

2 Bharathidasan University, India

Citation: I Manavalan, S Gurudoss (2020) Globalisation of Higher Education and Research. SciTech Management Sciences 2020. Thailand 


Received: December 04, 2019         Accepted: December 05, 2019         Published: December 05, 2019


Globalisation of higher education, research and clinical practices are highly possible. In the effective communication world of 21st century, clinical practices are almost globalised. In this paper discussed the pros and cons of the Globalisation of higher education research and clinical practices.
The authors are more engaged to discuss about the International Communication took place in Before Christ- BC and early days of Christian Era- CE when there is no technological advancement.
Currently, everybody’s is enjoying the technical advancement to exchange their knowledge and ideas in no bit of time and use it nicely to the benefit of the society.
Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Space Research, Ocean Engineering, Computer Engineering, Management, Water Management and Rain Water Harvesting, Alternate Medicine are some of the important topics to be incorporated in the Globalisation of Research and Higher Education.
Disaster Management is one of the important and need of the hour subject. Pollution control is the utmost requirement of the Globalisation research studies.  Many of the densely populated and highly industrialised countries are affected by the pollution.
Discussed about the benefits and barriers of the higher education and research studies, strategies of the government and Public Society. Implementation and utilization of Public Society and Private Funding for the intended purpose are well focused.
The economic conditions of the most of the countries were not in a position to offer fund allocation for the higher education and research studies. As on date public and public private funds are allotted to a large extent for the higher education and research.
Key Terms:  
Technical Advancement; Public Society; Public & Private Funding