18th World Seminar on COVID-19 & Vaccination
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Accepted Abstracts

Good Governance and COVID-19: The Digital Bureaucracy to Response the Pandemic (Singapore as a Model)

Ahmed Mohammed Abdou*
University of Duhok, Iraq

Citation: Abdou AM (2021) Good Governance and COVID-19: The Digital Bureaucracy to Response the Pandemic (Singapore as a Model). SciTech Central COVID-19

Received: March 13, 2021         Accepted: March 20, 2021         Published: March 20, 2021


Since 2019, countries in the world have been facing many economic, political, social, and health shocks and challenges that are not easily faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, including Singapore. Under these conditions, the performance of the governance system in dealing with a pandemic is tested transparently in public. However, the implementation of good governance by the Singapore government itself is carried out by steps and decisions that will be taken and implemented through the digital bureaucracy to the community in order to suppress the positive number of COVID-19. The application of good governance also needs support other crucial elements that improved by digital bureaucracy, which are transparency, accountability, efficiency and effective. It would, therefore, that the governments of countries should develop the administrative staffs by focusing on changing the values of the administrative employee and using modern administrative concepts and information and communication technology to manage human resources, as the activation of these entrances in the administration bureaucracy in the region helps to achieve quality performance and adapt to developments in the administration.
Keywords: COVID-19, Digital bureaucracy, Good governance, Pandemic, Singapore government