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Accepted Abstracts

Post Covid Symptoms: An Emerging Health Issue

Chhaya Mittal* and Abhishek Mishra
Department of Community Medicine, L.L.R.M. Medical college, Meerut, India.

Citation: Mittal C, Mishra A (2021) Post Covid Symptoms: An Emerging Health Issue. SciTech Central COVID-19.

Received: October 13, 2021         Accepted: October 18, 2021         Published: October 18, 2021


Background:-COVID -19 is the most important public health problem of recent time. After second and third wave large proportion of population suffered COVID infection. Although most people who suffered COVID-19, recoveredfrom illness within a few weeks but large proportion of those infected, continue to have symptoms after initial recovery.
Objective:- To assess the prevalence, severity and duration of Post COVID symptoms and to assess requirement of treatment and Post COVID care.
Methods:- Present cross sectional study was done among patients who recovered from COVID-19 in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Mobile numbers of COVID patients were obtained from records, Total 100 randomly selected patients were contacted telephonically and information regarding post covid symptoms in between 6 weeks to 12 weeks after recovery from COVID was obtainedusing google form.
Result:-75% of study subjects opine that they got infection from their workplace. 87%patients developed one or more post covid symptoms. most common problem reported after recovery was weakness (55%), followed by body ache (26%). neuropsychiatric symptoms such as difficulty in concentration and insomnia being another common problem (22%). In 20% patient symptoms persisted for more than 1 month. Though most of the respondents classified their symptoms as mild and moderate (52.5% and 37.9% respectively) but 47% of the symptomatic patients have to take some treatment for these symptoms.
Conclusions:-Present study concludes that Post COVID symptoms are common but usually less severe. Cardiac and neurological issues were also reported in some patients. Some form of treatment was required to deal with problem. Almost one in five patients reported that symptoms persisted for more than one month. The results highlight the need for post COVID care for COVID recovered patients as individual suffering is high.
Keywords: COVID-19, Post COVID Symptoms, Cross sectional Study, post COVID treatment.