5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

Cassia roxburghii Seed Galactomannan: Potential Binding Agent for Pharmaceutical Formulations

KSG Arulkumaran*
KMCH College of Pharmacy, India

Citation: KSG Arulkumaran (2020) Cassia roxburghii Seed Galactomannan: Potential Binding Agent for Pharmaceutical Formulations. SciTech Central Pharam 2020. Mauritius

Received: September 14, 2019         Accepted: September 26, 2019         Published: September 29, 2019


Natural excipients play a significant role in the formulation development of dosage forms as well as in human health care system Excipients are , used to formulate active pharmaceutical ingredients into dosage forms.In our research we have taken paracetamol as a model drug and . was prepared by using Cassia RocxburghiiR (CR) seed gum as an internal  binder in comparison with three commercially avilable binders like gelatin, guar gum and sodium CMC. The preformulation parameters like bulk density, true density, Carr’s index, Hausner ratio and  angle of repose of the granules, and the postformulation parameters like  hardness, friability, drug content, disintegration time and drug release profile of the tablets were evaluated The 2.0% binder concentration of CR gum showed lower percentage fine (5.29) than 4%gelatin (6.85) and 6%sodium CMC (6.46). 2% CR gum showed higher hardness of 5.57 kg/cm2 than 4%sodium CMC (5.32 kg/cm2) and 6%gelatin (4.92 kg/cm2). As regard to the disintegration time of the tablets, it was 13.36 min. for 2% CR gum whereas for 4% gelatin 10.55 min. and for 6%sodium CMC it was 10.46 min. The % friability of 2% CR gum showed lowest % friability (0.77) as compared to 4% sodium CMC (0.81) and 6% gelatin. The stability studies for the 2 % formulation showed no significant change in disintegration time, drug content, hardness and percentage drug release after storage at 40 ±20 C/75±5% RH for a period of 90 days. CR seed gum (2%) resulted in greater tablet hardness when compared with other commercially available gums. Hence, from the present work, it was concluded that CR seed gum could be utilized as a binding agent to produce tablets with particular mechanical properties and drug release profiles.