5th Pharmacology & Drug Development Congress
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Accepted Abstracts

The Drug Development and Production for Cardiovascular Diseases & Arrest (CDA/CDD) (Oxonitrogensic)

Salako N Olatuniji*
Center for Countermeasures against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, Lagos

Citation: Olatunji SN (2020) The Drug Development and Production for Cardiovascular Diseases & Arrest (CDA/CDD) (Oxonitrogensic). SciTech Central Pharma 2020. Mauritius

Received: October 24, 2019         Accepted: November 04, 2019         Published: November 04, 2019


Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have been diagnosed with heart disease. It can come on suddenly, or in the wake of other symptoms. Cardiac arrest is often fatal, if appropriate steps aren’t taken immediately. Most Cardiac arrest / Disease such as heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, carditis, aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, thromboembolic disease, and venous thrombosis will dealt with by using Oxonitrogensic, a new drug chemical therapeutics . Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and sudden cardiac death (SCD) occur when the heart abruptly begins to beat in an abnormal or irregular rhythm (arrhythmia). Without organized electrical activity in the heart muscle, there is no consistent contraction of the ventricles, which results in the heart's inability to generate an adequate cardiac output (forward pumping of blood from heart to rest of the body. Oxonitrogensic is a cardiovascular arrest/ disease, (CDA/CDD) drug to be develop for counter measuring heart failure or suddenly muscles heart contract. Oxonitrogensic is been produce by reaction of propanalol with the nitric oxide and nitrogen (IV) oxide at a favorable temperature. It will helps to prevent harmful clots from forming in the blood vessels, prevent the clots from becoming larger and causing more serious problems, prevent clotting in patients who have had a heart attack, unstable angina, ischemic strokes, TIA (transient ischemic attacks, or "little strokes") and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Usually prescribed preventively when plaque buildup is evident but there is not yet a major obstruction in the artery and also for the treatment of heart failure, it will help lower blood & reduce swelling (edema) from excess buildup of fluid in the body. It will be use as therapy for cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) and in treating chest pain (angina). Used to prevent future heart attacks in patients who have had a heart attack. Oxonitrogensic is a chemical therapeutics drug for the cardiovascular arrest, which composition such as nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide are used as an anesthetic agent in the CDA Drug. The composition of Propanalol with these agent helps for the Anti- cardiac arrest such as aiding instantaneous pumping of blood to the heart when there is arrest and letting the heart muscle when contracted to be relax and flexible. It won’t have an adverse effect as shown in the QSAR, QSTR and other relationship studies