9th International Congress on Biotechnology and Food Sciences
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Accepted Abstracts

Potential of Herbal Extracts of Kashmir (India) as Growth and Immune Modulators in Coldwater Aquaculture

Oyas Ahmed Asimi*

Citation: Asimi OA (2020) Potential of Herbal Extracts of Kashmir (India) as Growth and Immune Modulators in Coldwater Aquaculture. SciTech BioTech-Food Sciences 2020. Thailand

Received: January 20, 2020         Accepted: January 23, 2020         Published: January 23, 2020


Coldwater aquaculture is one of the most sought after and most profitable ventures of the agriculture sectors in the Kashmir Valley. With various Govt. (Central and State sponsored) schemes available, coldwater aquaculture particularly trout culture in the state of J & K is expanding at a fast rate. With rich and diversified coldwater resources in the state, the aquaculture is expected to continue its expansion with establishment of more and more farms in the private and public sector. However, due to intensification of aquaculture techniques, high stocking density, intensive feeding and pollutant load in the running water, various diseases have erupted in the trout culture resulting in huge losses through mortality and reduction in the market price of the fish. Also the weight gain in case of trout fish is low (250-400g/ in two years) as compared to other counterparts (Carps 500-800g/year). The present study was aimed to enhance the growth as well as the immunity of the cultured trout stocks in the Kashmir valley, which has not only enhanced production but has also help in reducing the losses due to diseases. The ultimate aim is to benefit the fish farmers through increased income.
Keywords: Herbal extracts, Trout, Growth, Coldwater aquaculture, Immune modulator.